Tusk Tapered Feeler Gauge Set

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The Tusk Feeler Gauge Set is a 32 blade tapered feeler gauge set with both metric and inch readings. The tapered end works well with those hard to get to valve tappets and buckets on performance motorcycles, ATV’s, and UTV’s. Each gauge measures 95mm in length. This precision feeler gauge set includes sizes from 0.001"/0.03mm to 0.040"/1mm. Think Tusk for all of your motorcycle, ATV, and UTV valve adjustment needs.

  • Tapered 32 blade feeler gauge set used to adjust valve clearances.
  • Blades have a tapered tip for easier access to valve tappets and buckets in tight areas.
  • Dual marked with metric (mm) and inch readings.
  • Includes the following gauge sizes: 0.001"/0.03mm, .0015"/0.04mm, .002"/0.05mm, .0025"/0.06mm, .0028"/0.07mm, .003"/0.08mm, .0035"/0.09mm, .004"/0.10mm, .005"/0.13mm, .006"/0.15mm, .007"/0.18mm, .008"/0.20mm, .009"/0.23mm, .010"/0.25mm, .011"/0.28mm, .012"/0.30mm, .013"/0.33mm, .014"/0.35mm, .015"/0.38mm, .016"/0.40mm, .018"/0.45mm, .020"/0.50mm, .022"/0.55mm, .024"/0.60mm, .025"/0.63mm, .026"/0.65mm, .028"/0.70mm, .030"/0.75mm, .032"/0.80mm, .034"/0.85mm, .035"/0.90mm, and .040"/1.00mm.